Dog Portrait

About SPAY-LEE Animal Rescue

Our sole purpose is to always do what's right for each and every dog that we take in.  They just need a chance.

SPAY-LEE, Inc. is an animal welfare organization whose sole purpose is to rescue homeless dogs, provide the care they may need by referrals to the most affordable vet services in our community for vaccinations, health checkups  & sterilizations. We then find suitable loving homes for those four-leggeds that are healthy and adoptable.  We also have a few lifetime sanctuary cats  / permanent residents.  However, we are NOTtaking in any more cats at this time.
As a fully legitimate not for profit organization, we use all the funds which we take in and put it towards each animal's care. We are 100% reliant on adoption fees & donations to operate.
Most of the dogs that come to us come from a network put in place to help puppy mill rescues.  Our alliances with veterinarians in Southwest Florida also rely on us to find loving homes for surrendered dogs. We have no long term animal shelter. But with the generosity of our volunteers, we are able to house animals in need of rehoming into foster homes as they wait for their new family. ​