Our Adoption Process

Our goal is to find the best home possible for these guys needing a second chance at love

We adopt by having interested families complete an application, providing references and provide details of the new home environment.   We will conduct a home visit and if all looks good, we have the new family sign an agreement.  The agreement stipulates that the pup will remain with you in your family or if the situation arises that you can no longer care for him/her,  return the pup to us.   Please understand that our contract is written for the purpose to provide the best possible chance to these animals needing a second chance and stability. 

Our adoption fees range from $250-$550 based upon  what we have invested medically to make them healthy to join your family. Please understand that there are times that we have spent hundreds to even thousands of dollars on a needy but deserving animal. Of course, we cannot expect people to reimburse us for expenses that outrageous. But if the potential adopter can fund the basic medical expenses, that keeps our organization financially afloat.   


There are some instances where donors have contributed to assist potential families with this fee.  Donors sometimes financially sponsor the most needy animal which promotes their adoptability finding a FUR-every home.  If we have funds available to cover the new family's adoption fee, we gladly can pass them on.  

If you are interested in applying for a lifetime of kisses, please call  our Adoption Coordinator Anna at 239.841.2382.  Anna will learn more about the home you offer one of our four leggeds and then ask you to complete an application.