Two dogs

Donations and Amazon Wish List

There are so many ways to show your support to our organization. Because we are a legitimate non profit organization, all of your gifts are tax deductible. 
Amazon Wish List

Please check out our Amazon Wish List button below for needed supplies.  Our primary population is small dogs.  We also have a few lifetime sanctuary cats  / permanent residents.  However, we are NOT taking in any more cats at this time. 

Paws-Length Sponsor

You can also designate your donation to help a specific animal in need as they wait for their forever home.   Many of the animals come to us with a myriad of health issues.  To give them the surgery they may need along with their immunizations, microchip and sterilizations, it naturally adds up.  Sadly, a notable % of these dogs come to us with chronic medical issues so their medicine can be costly.  We have a new program where we will introduce you to a more needy pup, tell you their story and have you financially help support for their care.  In exchange, we will update you on their progress and eventual adoption.  If your donation exceeds their expenses, we will apply the extra towards the adoption fees.​

General Donations

Of course, we appreciate general donations to assist us with the never-ending expenses for the community of four-leggeds food and care.  We also have expenses keeping up with the maintenance of our barn facility.  Being able to use your donations for the most urgent need, is always appreciated.

Planned Giving

Please remember us in any estate or trust planning event.

Monthly Giving

By giving a monthly gift, you continue to support the animals at SPAY-LEE that comes to our door.  This way they will have everything they need. Just like Hulu, Amazon, or HBO you can “subscribe” to helping us becoming a monthly donor.


All you will have to do is choose the amount you want to donate each month (or your preferred giving interval) and you are a SPAY-LEE supporter.   Will automatically enroll you in our member newsletter so that you can keep apprised of our successful adoptions and events. Simply click the DONATE button to set up your monthly or recurring gift today!