Recent Enforcement Efforts

Examples of cruelty that the Rescue volunteers  see on a daily basis include overt abuse & dog fighting.  Bait dogs are another example. Puppy mills from not only Florida but neighboring states also are flourishing.  The females are bred until their tired bodies can take it no more than tossed aside.  The discipline methods at these mills are ghastly!  We have several dogs that come to us not only emaciated but in need of severe emergent medical attention and repair.  There are also companion animals being neglected or denied necessities of care, such as food, water, or shelter.


In some cases the perpetrators who commit these crimes cannot be found.  In other cases those responsible are charged with misdemeanor or felony cruelty.  

SPAY-LEE is the "recipient of these abused animals and nurtures them back to health. With your support, they are given a precious second chance.