Resources and Education

We train, educate, and support for every individual need which possibly arises

We are proud to say that every animal that comes to us is given a chance to live a safe and healthy life.  While some might need to stay here with us because they are too frail, others find homes with owners that know everything about their new family member.   We educate on the medical well being and needs for the animal, the preventative schedule that they will need to stay healthy and the most importantly, the environment that they will need with their new family.  We will not adopt out an animal if it's not a suitable, nurturing home.  That's why we look at every aspect of the pairing.   

SPAY-LEE is also there for the adoptive family post placement to support them in any way needed.  If the placement doesn't work as expected, we require that the animal return to us so that we can continue to find the best placement.   We do whatever is best for the animal at all times.